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Membership Joining and Renewal for 2022  to 2023


Joining and Renewal

Please note that Membership renewal for 2022-2023 is due on 1st September 2022.  However, if you pay before 1st September you are covered for the remainder of the  2021-2022 financial year and 2022-2023 financial year.  


Importantly, membership is a very low rate at only $10 for singles and $14 for families and even only $5 for full time students. 

The membership funds help us to cover our basic operating costs, such as Public Liability insurance and web site hosting and security. Importantly for members, being a member provides a lot of financial benefit such as $20 per term reduction in language class fee and reduced prices for attendance at events such as the AIA Winter Dinner ($10 reduction). 

It is very easy to securely pay your membership for 2022-2023 online at:

Membership: Get Involved
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